Being part of a sorority is one of the greatest things you can do to improve your college experience. It has completely changed my life in so many ways; there are so many wonderful things about being in a sorority...

Sisterhood, philanthropy, fun events, friends, family...but one thing that everyone LOVES is our letters, the t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants that we wear proudly with a smile!

You can pretty much put your letters on anything and everything...similar to a monogram.

There are hardly any actual stores that sell greek gear but there are a few great websites that provide services to fraternities and sororities. 

This site is my go-to for everything Greek. The store is about a half hour away from my hometown; it's located in Hempstead, Long Island and it's just perfect. They have the best customer service, so many different products, and you can customize as much as you like. If you aren't in a national organization but a local one, that is not a problem. Something Greek will take care of you, either way.

There are so many different products; everything from American Apparel v-neck t-shirts to wooden paddles to clipboards.

On the SG website, there is a generator so you can pick your letters, your pattern, border, and garment color; this allows you to see what your product will look like before you purchase it. This is something I haven't seen on any other greek website therefore Something Greek is my FAVORITE!

2. JennaBenna

This is such an adorable sorority apparel website. It has regular color and print patterns but that isn't the special thing about Jenna.

Jenna Benna has LILLY prints! They have VERA BRADLEY prints! They have VINEYARD VINES prints! This is what makes Jenna the go to place for all sorority girls!

I haven't seen another place, besides Etsy where you could get designer prints like these. They have so many different prints and different products, it's almost overwhelming. You could prep-ify clothes, bags, jewelry, even buttons! The possibilities are endless!

I purchased a Lilly printed shirt from JennaBenna during the summer and it's beautiful; I chose a tangerine shirt with the print Beverly Hills Bubbly. It fits great, it washes great, and it's Lilly! What is not to love?

I don't really use Custom Greek Threads that much but I know people who do and it's pretty great. It's different from JennaBenna and Something Greek in the way their letters appear on a shirt. They are sewn on,but they seem to be smaller and are stitched differently.

Custom Greek Threads has some of the best patterns I've seen; I especially love the lace patterns you could get in a variety of different colors. That is something you hardly see on any of these websites.

They also have a wide variety of products from keychains to stickers to shirts...once again, the possibilities are endless.

Like I said, I've never ordered from Custom Greek Threads but people who have are pretty happy with it. I am in need of a new pair of letters, maybe Custom Greek Threads will be my next purchase.

What are your favorite Greek stores?

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