This year I discovered a lot of new companies and brands. Some were new to me, others were new to the world. It was exciting to become familiar with these brands and buy their products...they've now become my favorites!

I discovered these adorable notebooks at the beginning of the summer and I've become addicted; I've purchased four of them and I'm constantly looking at new designs to satisfy my addiction.

The soft covered notebooks are yours to customize, whether it's your sorority name, monogram, or cute saying. You pick how you want the entire notebook to look. They're too small to use for class but perfect for a planner, spare notebook, or any other of your paper needs. I use mine for a journal, a planner for my sorority, a random notebook, and one for the blog.

Maybooks is now called MayDesigns because they've brought notecards into the mix which are perfect. The customer service is incredible and you could tell that the product is made with love and care. 

I will forever love and be loyal to Maybooks.

Kate is an oldie but goodie. I remember when I was younger my mother always had something Kate Spade but I forgot about her for a while. This year, I rediscovered Ms. Spade and all of her glory.

I've bought a few things from her this year, including some phone cases, iPAD cases, and a clutch; for Christmas I got a new wallet and a cross-body bag.

Yes, Kate Spade is a bit on the expensive side but I don't mind. You are definitely paying for the leather and quality of the product but it is so worth it.

With each Kate Spade item comes a little green card that tells you how to care for your item and on each card comes an adorable saying such as "She tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party."


I am simply obsessed with Kate and I am looking forward to buying more of her in 2013!

I'm pretty sure you are all sick of hearing me talk about Birchbox but I simply cannot stop! Buying this box of beauty samples every month has improved my make-up routine and made me more conscious of what products I'm using.

I was never much of a make-up gal but this completely changed the way I think about make-up. It's only $10 a month and it's so much fun. I love getting new products in the mail every month, it's a special surprise that you treat yourself to. 

It's not just the products and idea of Birchbox that is wonderful, it's the company itself. The customer service is great and everything runs smoothly when dealing with them.

This was definitely my #1 during 2012. As a sorority girl, I felt it was my duty to start liking Lilly and I definitely did. 

I bought so many accessories in a variety of Lilly prints, it was obnixious. My little made me a Lilly paddle, I finally got a Lilly scarf, and lets not forget my Lilly planner.

The story of Lilly Pulitzer is a great one and I love what it stands for--fun, strong, empowering women. Lilly is fun and carefree, I'm totally in love with the brand!

I went Lilly Pulitzer crazy this year and I'm sure 2013 will be even more Lilly-fied.

What were your favorite brands and companies in 2012?

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  1. Maybooks are great :) My favourite brands were all towards make-up this year hahaha :)
    I'm a new follower as well :D
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Maybooks are my addiction! And I'm looking forward to discovering more makeup brands in 2013 :)