I've written here before about my involvement in my sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma. 

I was initiated in Fall 2011 and since then, one year ago, my life has done a complete 360. Since joining Phi Sig, I've learned so much about myself. 

Phi Sigma Sigma Crest

I learned that I have a drive to do good, no matter who it is for. I learned that I truly enjoy being in a leadership position and commanding a room. That is something I never thought would happen to me because I am naturally a shy person.

On that note, I've opened up SO much. I learned that the people who truly matter will accept you no matter what, despite your quirkiness and weirdness. 

Joining Phi Sig has instilled in me the confidence that I was seriously lacking. I used to beat myself up a lot about the things I couldn't change but now, I tell myself that I could do anything. I did something that wasn't comfortable, I went through recruitment and formed this entirely different life for myself.

If you can join a sorority, you can do anything.

Since joining Phi Sig I've been blessed with the most amazing friends, my big, my pledge class, and ALL my sisters. They are truly incredible individuals and without them, my college career would be NOTHING.

During my freshmen year, I had a really tough time making friends, as corny as that sounds. I was away from home for the first time and it took a toll on me. I was considering transferring but then I went out to recruitment and I found my home.

This week is one year since my recruitment and seeing all these new girls who are just as scared and just as nervous as I was is odd. I want to just hug them and tell them that yes, it's overwhelming but in the end, it is so worth it and you will be grateful.

I want to say that to anyone who is going through recruitment or is thinking about it: Just be yourself, when you go to the houses or meet the sisters, just be yourself because that is what we thrive on, girls who are comfortable in their own skin and know who they are.

If you're struggling in finding your place in at school, go to Greek life because they will welcome you with open arms. There is an organization for everyone, no matter if you're the "typical" sorority girl or a misfit, there is a house that you could call home.

The benefits of Greek life are endless; networking, a family, friends, leadership, support system, confidence, involvement, self esteem, a home...the list goes on and on.

If the thought of sorority life has EVER entered your mind, DO IT! I have never met a Sorority woman who has regretted her time spent in chapter.

You won't be sorry; just GO GREEK :)

Here's a picture of my chapter last night at the first night of recruitment !!

Aim High :)

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