31 Days: Day 3 and 4 :)

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Hello all :)

So I'm combining the two days because I didn't post yesterday because I was so busy!

Yesterday was really hectic; I had two meetings, four classes, and a long right
of recruitment and bidding.

It was Pref Night last night and each time I sit through it, it still amazes me. There is nothing
like a Phi Sigma Sigma Pref Night. The ritual is incredible along with all the speeches
made by sisters and the words read from the ritual book.

I never make it through a round without tearing up; it's amazing.

Pref Night went surprisingly quick and we were done really early, which means
that we were able to start bidding early and be done by 2am. (Last semester we were
done at 6am)

So today is bid day and I am SO nervous. I can't wait to find out
who my new sisters are and how many new Phi Sig babies we get! It's so exciting.

Also yesterday, I found out that an article I wrote for about what you
can learn from sorority recruitment was published on LevoLeague. It's so 
exciting to write about something you love and are passionate about
and see it posted for so many people to see!

Tonight is going to be so much fun; alumni are returning and new sisters are 
being welcomed. My love for my sorority has just grown
immensely this week!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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