I have an odd obsession with notebooks and planners. I love writing and I love being organized, there's nothing better.

I have quite a few empty, fancy notebooks just waiting to be used; too many notebooks, not enough time.

I love patterns, colors, and anything I can customize, and lately, I love monograms.

I've found something that perfectly combines all of those things.

Maybooks.com is a company where you can customize a notebook, planner, or another type of notebook with different colors, patterns, and can even add a monogram for an extra few bucks.

It's the ultimate preppy site for someone who loves chevron stripes, anchors, and a lot of color.

The notebooks are a pretty decent price, usually coming out to $17 not including tax and shipping.

They're the perfect pocket notebook, not too big or small, great for jotting down some thoughts or to do lists.

The books are soft canvas and very environmentally friendly.

I got mine a few weeks ago and I already started filling it up with random thoughts and ideas. A Maybook is a great thing to have.

I chose the Mod Rose Orchid in Mauve with an Octagon background shape along with my monogram in the Fancy Script print.

I plan on ordering another one ASAP, I'm addicted!

This is such a great company and everyone should go and buy their first Maybook today! You'll be addicted before you know it.
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