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Royal Round Up: Week 28

The week after a holiday is always the hardest, and it's even harder when you launch a new foundation at work! YUP, Filter First Luminous Foundation by Laura Geller was released on Sunday and I've been nonstop working on it. It was stressful but really exciting -- we've never had a launch this big and the foundation is BOMB. UGH I am obsessed but more to come later on that...

I was working from home yesterday because I felt so run down and so sick -- I almost feel like I'm getting an ear infection because my teeth hurt so bad. It's very odd.

Today I have a Summer Friday, and a doctor's appointment and a few errands to run. Then I have plans all weekend which is nice, but of course I will still find time to relax and unwind. Next week I head to the Taylor Swift concert and I am so excited, it almost doesn't feel real. I saw her on the Speak Now tour and it was life changing -- the Reputation Tour has been getting rave reviews so I doubt I will be disappointed.

In other blogging news, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale started for card holders yesterday. I shopped the sale all day with so many issues and for once, it was honestly getting on my nerves. Working in E-Commerce Retail, I understand a lot of what goes on behind the scenes but for a company as big as Nordstrom to have problems year after year, it's a little frustrating.

I will be doing my own Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post as usual but once I figure out what I'm getting/what I'm keeping. I don't like to tell you what YOU should get because there are a lot of bloggers already doing that -- I want to show you what I'm getting and loving. However, I may give you my thoughts on a few handbag & beauty deals because you know those are my expert areas!

*There are a lot of good beauty deals, more than usual and I think I'll definitely be shopping beauty more than anything this year.

For now, let's get into what I was loving this week:

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Have a great weekend everyone!