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How I Organize My Jewelry

I've always had an extensive jewelry collection and storing it has always been an issue for me.

I've had every jewelry box under the sun, and even had a small mannequin stand to house all my pieces. However, nothing ever seemed good enough for me.

When I moved into this new apartment almost two years ago, I knew I wanted to be able to see all my jewelry so I could wear it all. I have a hard time using things I can't see. I also have a hard time wearing all my jewelry. I always go through phases where I don't want to wear certain types of jewelry. Right now, I can't stand wearing anything but rings and earrings... but I still want the option of knowing what I have in my collection.

When I moved in, I had the perfect idea. In my little shelving unit, where I house all of my lipsticks, I have the first shelf as my jewelry shelf.

My necklaces are divided amongst the metals; so I have silver hooks, rose gold hooks, and gold hooks. I love this type of organization because it makes everything so easy.

I have all my necklaces hung up on the side of the shelf, hanging on clear command hooks. My bracelets are in one jewelry dish while my rings are in a few others. (I have a lot of rings). My earrings lay in  4th jewelry dish, and this ensures that I can see all my pieces and have them go in and out of rotation.

It's not a really unique organization system but it works for me. Everything is seperated, on display, and gets used (when I'm in the mood). It's working for me for now!

Shop more trays and organization systems below:

How do you organize your jewelry to make sure everything is getting used?