October 1, 2017

Sunday Shopping: Henri Bendel Planners

I thought I was done with planners for this year, but low and behold, here we are.

I thought I was content with my Kate Spade planner for the year but now, I can't stop thinking about the Henri Bendel planners.

I had a Henri Bendel planner last year and it worked really well for me. I love the design of the planners and the hand-drawn Bendel girls, it makes me feel so chic and sophisticated. However, I wanted to stay true to my roots and try Kate Spade planners again, because my 1st round with them, I wasn't pleased.

I've been dedicated to my Kate Spade planner since August and I've really been loving it, but now I've seen something shiny and new and I can't help but wonder... maybe I buy a Henri Bendel planner as well.

To see if I need two main planners, I'm trying to use my 2017 Henri Bendel planner as a 'home' planner and so far, so good.

The only qualm I have about the Kate Spade planner is that it is rather heavy, just like my Lilly Pulitizers of the past, which is why I chose to get a Henri Bendel one. The HB planners are lightweight and aren't spiral bound, so they sit better in my work tote.

If I was to get a new Henri Bendel planner, I'd use Kate Spade as my 'home' planner and Henri Bendel as my to-go planner.


Below are the Henri Bendel planners for the season (and something new to the line-- a refillable notebook cover which I'm HIGHLY considering!)