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Royally Planned: Kate Spade 2018 Planner

So, we've had a few Royally Planned posts this year already, including my Day Designer and the Brit + Co Planner. I kept saying that I was going to reveal my "real" planner and here we are.

*Before we get started, let me say that I now use my Day Designer as a work planner AT WORK and it has been working out amazing. It's a perfect layout for the work week and I've been so much more organized since using it at the beginning of the month. My Brit + Co personalized planner is my "to do list" that lives at home.

When the season started out, I decided that I wanted a Kate Spade planner. I was going to say goodbye to Lilly Pulitzer for the first time in a while, and decided that since I loved my Henri Bendel planner this year, I knew I was able to let go of the whimisical colors that Lilly gives me.

I knew my love of Kate Spade was stronger than ever so I was going to attempt their planners again. If you remember, I tried a KS planner right after I graduated but I was not ready to let go of Lilly.

This year was different. I ordered this planner first but I had misjudged the size and it was far too big to bring back and forth to work with me. Then I saw this one, and decided that is what I wanted to spend the year with.

The cover is bright and beautiful, while the pages are simple and plain but still have enough space to write, plan, and create lists. Kate Spade even included adorable gold foil stickers at the front of the planner.

I have especially been enjoying the double sided pocket on the first page because I put extra stickers and post its there for safe keeping.

I have been actually using this planner for the past few weeks and I love it. I have zero regrets because even though its not as bright and colorful as my past Lilly planners, it's a little easier to use than the Henri Bendel. There is more space to organize, and I've been having fun using different stickers to decorate.

I've already filled up the entire September month with my plans, because I'm excited for fall and I think this planner will make it with me the entire year... until next August.

I think this is a great planner for college because there is so much space to write -- I also really like the notes section in the bach of each month, in addition to the notes section in the front of the planner.  There is just a lot of space for lists, or other notes.

PS: I've also been eyeing up this Henri Bendel + Megan Hess planner (you know how I feel about Megan Hess). If I do get this, it will be my "at home desk planner"; it wouldn't replace the Brit + Co, it would just be more of a planner instead of a list maker.

I love planners, I can't help it!

What planner did you choose for this year?