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Life Lately + Little Loves Vol 3 | August 2017

Hi there! This is the first time in a very long time that I've gone 3 consecutive days without posting a blog. Usually when I know my schedule is going to get messed up I'll throw up a Tuesday Inspiration or Wishlist Wednesday or something random... like I'm doing now, but I just couldn't this week.

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time with my friends; headed up to Westchester for a dinner with my sorority sisters, then went to a housewarming party for my friends on Saturday and Sunday was brunch in Manhattan with my high school friends.

I was on the go a lot this weekend and by the time Monday came, I was exhausted. Yesterday (today as I'm writing this) I was off from work to help my sister move into her college house and it was very tiring. There was a lot of moving boxes and furniture and putting cubby shelves together, so I have no brain power to write a real post. 

I just took a mini week off to rest and recharge and not worry about getting a blog post up. I am all about self-care and doing what you need to do to feel good so I try not to get down on myself about missing three days of posts. Next week I'll get back on track.

In the meantime, I wanted to jump on here and show you some new goodies. I posted a video last week about my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale haul and some Ulta/Sephora goodies I bought so you can check that out below.

My sister took my dresser for her new room so I took the bar cart that was in her room (a bar cart that we've had since I was little) and did a little rearranging.

I moved my handbag display into the corner where my dresser was and put the bar cart under my gallery wall. I also purchased Kate Spade Nesting Boxes to store some junk in a nice way.

I also (with the help of my mom) moved my rug from the foot of my bed to between my desk and bed which I love so much more. 

Add a new door (my old one broke off the hinges) and I feel like I've got a whole new room! 

A few weeks ago I bought a Rebecca Minkoff bag off of Tradesy and when it came, I was NOT feeling it. It was a little too big and just didn't feel like me. On Tradesy, you can only return items for a store credit so with half of my credit, I bought another Louis Vuitton PM Agenda.

I've been loving the Damier Ebene print and wanted something in this canvas. I would love to start a huge Louis Vuitton agenda collection because I am totally obsessed with these little loves.

I know I didn't need one as another agenda or notebook, but I do kind of want to use it as a wallet. I watched a few Youtube videos and bought some inserts off of Etsy so I'm going to create my own little makeshift wallet. 

Once I have it all set up and I see how I like it, I'll do a post on it. I'm really excited for it! 

That's all for now and next week we'll go back to regular programming and a few great reviews! Tomorrow, is Weekly Wrap Up!