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Monthly Muse: June 2017 Favorites

July is here and the summer is almost over! We're so close to Fall!

Ok I'll stop now! I don't like when people remind me that winter is ending and spring is coming so I'll spare all you summer lovers!

I'm writing this on 4th of July because my plans got canceled and I haven't been feeling too great this weekend. I was super hungover on Sunday and I was running errands all day Monday so I feel like my body hasn't had a chance to truly catch up with itself. The good news is that I work Wednesday & Thursday and I'm off again on Friday -- this is the ultimate summer week.

As we move further into the summer, the weeks are going to get busier so I need to get my sh*t together. Trips, conferences, and fun things are going to happen within the next few weeks!

For now, however, let's get into my June favorites!

1. J.Crew Drapey Tank Top: I ordered one of these tank tops at the beginning of the season and fell in love with it. It's so comfortable and you can dress it up or down, depending on where you're going. It goes with everything-- jeans, leggings, shorts. I was so obsessed that I went back to J.Crew Factory and bought one in every color. I have purple, salmon, grey, black, and blue. I might have to go get the white one just to complete the collection.

2. Friday + Saturday Brunette Baseball Hat: I've been wanting to get into the baseball hat trend for a while but I wanted a cute, punny one. I saw this one on Shop Riff Raff and couldn't pass it up. It's so cute and makes any outfit a touch more casual and trendy. I haven't stopped wearing it all month long!

3. NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm: I ravved about this in a post and a video this month but I had to mention it again. It's the only blush I've been wearing and it looks so natural and gorgeous, you could make it the only product you're wearing!

4. Benefit Total Moisture Face Cream: My skin has been on the drier side lately, which is weird for the hot summer but the one product that has been really helping me is the Benefit Cosmetics moisturzer. I talked about it my latest beauty video and while I haven't pulled the trigger on a full size yet, I will soon because I'm running out of the sample. It's super thick and hydrating but doesn't leave your skin greasy or tacky like you'd think a heavy cream would. It's so gooooooood!

What were your favorites this month?