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Links to Love

Another week has come to an end... and I have to say, this was a good week and it went by pretty fast. There's a lot happening in my life and it was around this time last year that I felt a huge rush from the universe. A rush that was telling me things were about to change and I feel that way right now.

Maybe it's the Spring season upon us that forces us to feel like things are changing all around us but I always get this feeling around this time of the year. And maybe that's why I hate Spring so much, because I hate the change that comes along with it.

Fall feels like a beginning, Spring feels like the end.

Hm... that is a good article/blog post idea, isn't it?

With all the talk about change, something big did change this week! I opened up my own Chloe + Isabel shop! I've been thinking about this for months and took the plunge. I have always loved the idea of owning my own business and I thought this was a good start!

You can shop it here and I'll try not to flood every blog post with Chloe + Isabel jewelry but I am very excited!

Now enough of that, lets get into the links of the week!

All the new releases at Sephora have me super excited

There is a Hogwarts IT guy on the Internet and it's incredible

These bad boys come out on Sunday & I AM SO EXCITED

All the Harry Potter posts, YES

In need of a good Instagram tip? Look no further! 

Very interesting article on social media & Fashion Week!

This week on Royally Pink:

I rounded up my favorite liquid lipsticks!

Me Before You is the best book I've read in a while!

I don't take advantage of Manhattan enough and I made a bucket list of things to do in NYC!

Too Faced is my favorite high end brand & they have a lot of winners in their line!

What did you love this week?