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Beauty Buzz: Best Liquid Lipsticks

I'm always on board for a good beauty trend; bold brows, contouring, strobing -- I love them all.

One trend I really have fallen head over heels for is matte lips. I blame Kylie Jenner but Ms. Jenner really knew what was she doing. I love the look of matte lips -- they're so glamorous and really make you look like you spent 4 hours on your makeup, when you only spent 10 minutes.

I feel a lot fancier when I have a matte lip on.

A trend that goes hand in hand with matte lips is liquid lipsticks. A liquid lipstick applies like a lipgloss and comes in a lipgloss tube with a lipgloss applicator, but it is far from a lipgloss. Some liquid lipsticks have a mousse texture while some have a more liquidly texture but neither one (in my opinion) is better than the other.

The fabulous thing about liquid lipsticks and what entices most people? Liquid lipsticks are supposed to be long lasting! Most formulas I have tried, are in fact very long lasting which is such an added bonus in my book.

A downside of liquid lipsticks? They are extremely drying. Because they are such a super, high impact matte finish, they suck the life and hydration out of your lips.

There is a solution to this though -- make sure your lips are exfoliated and hydrated with your favorite lip balm.

Also, you must have a good liquid lipstick formula to have a true success. If the lipstick is too drying, then it'll be a total fail.

Well, I've tried a number of liquid lipsticks and they are all very long lasting, not drying at all, and give beautiful pigmentation!

To me, all of these formulas are very similar. I think the longest lasting was the Kylie Lip Kit. It lasted through a night of dancing and drinking at a sweaty Manhattan bar. 

As you can also see, the colors are a little similar with the exception being the theBalm shade "Loyal". The shade by Stila is a VIB exclusive so you can only purchase it if you are a Sephora VIB Rogue but a similar shade is Stila's Patina.

While Kylie's lipstick lasts the longest, I think the Ofra lipstick has the BEST FORMULA. This is the most comfortable lipstick out of the bunch -- it's incredible. You can find the Ofra lipstick in Americano (and all their other amazing shades here).  

You can also shop some of the other lipsticks below! 

There are a few other liquid lipsticks on my list to try -- and let me know if you want a more in depth review on any of these (mostly the Kylie LipKits because we all know how popular those are!).

Have you jumped on the liquid lipstick bandwagon yet?