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September 2015 Birchbox Review

I've been thinking a lot about Birchbox and maybe I don't need these monthly boxes filled with beauty products. I have enough products to last 3 lifetimes. It's beginning to get a tad bit overwhelming and I think about canceling my subscription more than once a month.

But then, I watch the Sample Choice videos, see the previews, the pretty box, and I'm so happy to spend my $10 a month on this baby. It doesn't get much better than Birchbox -- the points system is treating me pretty well these days, and the Customer Appreciation Day was such a deal breaker -- in a good way.

Every time I get my box, the overwhelming feeling gets wiped away. It's just too perfect!

(Side note: maybe I'll do a make-up declutter before the holidays and see what I have/use/don't use -- that's a good idea for the soul and for a good blog post)

Well, the September box was a special one because it was their 5 year anniversary box, meaning it was filled with some extra special goodies. I think this is the most samples I've ever received in a box and I was really happy with all of them.

All Birchbox subscribers also got 20% off to the Birchbox Shop included in their subscriptions so that is a nice little bonus. 20% off does a girl good in the shop.

Also -- Birchbox is doing a great deal this month! If you sign up for your first subscription, you get it for $5! That's 50% off a regular monthly subscription. Get a nice little box of samples for $5? That sounds perfect! Sign up here!

I haven't used any of the products that I received yet, but I am impressed with the quality of them all. I think I was a little scared of the eyeshadow palette thinking it would be cheap, but I should've known -- Birchbox never steers me wrong!

//Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser: I've heard a lot of thing about Malin + Goetz in subscription services but have never tried anything from them. Well, that's still true because I haven't tried this yet :( It says that it clears breakouts & balances out your skin's pH so it should be good! I love getting cleansers in subscription boxes because they're great to travel with but I also really like trying new ones out! As a bonus item, I got the Malin + Goetz vitamin e moisturizer (which I also haven't tried yet)

Sample size: 3/5
Full size: $26

//Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo: I haven't tried this either (like I said, I haven't tried anything) but this I especially haven't tried this because I still have a bit of keratin treatment in my hair so I didn't want to use any shampoos that aren't sulfate free. This is an amazing sample size and I am excited to try it out, since it says it smoothes out frizz & tangle proned hair. I also got a bonus with this, the Davines LOVE conditioner!

Sample size: 5/5
Full size: $35

//NERD Skincare Super Hydrating Mask: I always appreciate a good sheet mask to add to my ever growing collection. This isn't so different. I've never heard of NERD Skincare but it seems fancy since a set of 3 masks are $27!! This mask is supposed to give you a more youthful, smoother complexion so I may save this for a really tired skin day.

Sample size: 5/5
Full size: 3 for $27

//Pop Beauty POP Portfolio Eyeshadow in Sugar Plum: I never received a POP Eyeshadow and I think I was always very scared that I would get one. I thought the packaging looked cheap and that the product would be no different. Well, I was terribly wrong. The packaging may look a little cheap but it doesn't feel it-- and the eyeshadows are pigmented, smooth, and rather large. I'm really happy I got this little trio and I hope I get more!

Sample size: 4/5
Full size: $24

//Rituals Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel: A foaming shower gel? That sounded interesting to me yet I haven't tried it out yet! It's supposed to be very moisturizing and soothing which I hope is true because my skin is already getting dry.

Sample size: 4/5
Full size: $25

I am definitely a little late in posting this (I think I got my Birchbox a little late) and in actually reviewing the products but life has just been getting the best of me lately! #sobusy

All in all, I was relatively happy with this Birchbox and I can't wait to see what October (OMG) has in store :)

What did everyone else get in their Birchbox this month?