Happy Friday! I've had a weird week -- I was sick in the first half, then had a half workday on Tuesday, off on Wednesday, full work day on Thursday and off again today. Throw in some work obligations, a funeral, and a doctor's appointment and you have a recipe for an odd feeling. Plus, New York City is experiencing a heat wave and I didn't go into the office at all so everything was weird.

I was so thrown off my routine but it felt nice; it was a good kind of chaos that I embraced. Now, I have a full social weekend which friends and I'm looking forward to it. Next week will be a pretty exciting week at work and I'm excited to get back to regular scheduled programming.

If you haven't noticed, life on the blog has been a bit slow. I've severely lost my spark and motivation to write here -- between losing my Instagram in March 2023 and pageviews decreasing on a monthly basis, it's hard to keep going. I've been doing this for 13 years and I just am not where I thought I would be after that long. 

I love writing and that's why I started this  blog, but sometimes it feels odd to be shouting into the void. I'm not abandoning the blog, but things might be sparse. However, I am writing at least once a week over on Substack because I feel like it's just a different vibe over there. I write about more pop culture, marketing, and personal stuff - that sounds like a real mailbag of random topics but I guess it's more 'feature writing' if you want to put a label on it. 

Also, always be sure to follow me on social media (everything is linked at the top right of my blog homepage)!

Let's get into the roundup for the week.

The Parisian regency vibes at Michaels this week were so good! 

Pink Positivity of the Week

I've been obsessed with Love Island USA this season! I only started watching because Ariana Madix is the host and I wanted to support her, but it's honestly so fun to watch and play along. I binged the first 6 episodes and then started watching live every night; I downloaded the app and vote in the polls - it's low stakes reality TV  and I'm throughly enjoying it.

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink 

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