I'm a sucker for a collaboration, especially when it features one my favorite brands. LoveShackFancy has been killing the collaboration game lately and I've been loving them all, even if I don't indulge in a purchase. 

I saw a few weeks ago that they were coming out with another Sally Hansen collection but this time, with actual polishes instead of press ons. I was immediately intrigued and then like most things nowadays, I completely forgot about it. 

That is until I went to CVS for a few things and saw the polishes front and center in the store. It was fate and I immediately picked the shade Rosy Quartz which is a milky pink with an iridescent sheen. 

I don't remember the last time I tried a Sally Hansen nail polish but I've been in the mood for experimentation so I figured it was good timing. I've also really been enjoying a more laid back look for my nails, something simple, quiet, and sophisticated so Rosy Quartz looked like it would fit that vibe perfectly.

Turns out, the polish is actually wonderful! I guess that's why  Sally Hansen has been around for so long! The formula is noticeably different from OPI, Essie, and Olive & June...it feels a lot lighter and more liquidy, which works for this particular shade. As I'm writing this, I realize that this shade is part of Hansen's Argan Oil formula which is nourishing and moisturizing for nails. 

Rosy Quartz is almost concealer for nails; it brightens them up, provides a wash of color and looks really beautiful. To me, this color is the ideal spring shade, or when you want your manicure to fly under the radar. It's also a no mess manicure because the shade is so pale, so if it smudges or chips, you really won't be able to notice.

This manicure was also very long lasting; I wore the polish for over a week, even after I started picking at it which is impressive. My nails don't usually hold polish for that long so I was pleasantly surprised by this polish formula.

Rosy Quartz will definitely be one of my most used polishes this season.


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