Hello there... it's been a minute, hasn't it? I haven't gone an entire week without a post in a long time and it was needed. Last weekend was incredibly busy and so much fun, and then the week just got away from me so no blog posts were written. 

I've also just been a little uninspired lately and obsessively thinking about what I should do; should I stay on the blog? Should I move to Substack? Is social media even worth it anymore? I've been having an existential crisis which feels very on brand, but also off brand because I don't think I've ever struggled with this part of my life before.

I've always loved creating, but now I wonder why am I doing it? Am I being authentic to myself and my interests? Am I doing it because everyone else is doing it...even though I was doing it first back in 2012? 

Ever since I got my Instagram taken away last March it's never felt the same and I hate that so much. I don't want that to be the case but it's a hard pill to swallow.

Sometimes it feels like I'm just writing to myself and that's hard too... I thought I'd have a little success by now and I guess I'm just living in my pity, comparing myself to everyone else, which I know is no good.

That being said, the show will go on as usual but I did pivot my Substack to not be so pop culture focused and a little more open ended, so make sure to follow me there as well. 

Let's get into the roundup!

Pink Positivity of the Week 

We got a real taste of spring this week in New York; Tuesday was gorgeous and it sparked so much joy within my soul. Another thing that made me so incredibly happy was seeing everyone come together on Monday to watch the Eclipse. I was not understanding the hype around the Eclipse until about an hour before, and then when I saw so many people all over the country gathering together to watch this historic event, I was nearly moved to tears. It was beautiful and so important to remember that we're meant to be a community. 

Links I Loved

I did some serious damage at the Sephora sale and I don't know if I'm done yet... 

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