It's no secret that I love accessories; they make my world go round and my wish to have every single object of my heart's desire.

As of late, that desire is a vanity case. I don't know if there have just been too many pictures floating around on Pinterest of beautiful, messy vanities overflowing with designer makeup and luxury accessories, but I can't get a vanity case out of my head.

I want to replicate those photos and have a sleeker, more sophisticated way to both hold and display my makeup both at home and traveling. I've been very into vanity cases lately and have been lusting after so many different designer ones...from Celine and Louis Vuitton to contemporary brands under $100. 

I've been very into the vintage aesthetic lately and vanity cases fit that perfectly. These are the ones that I've had my eye one and maybe one of them will be mine soon.

Shop all my picks below:

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