Happy Friday! This week was a doozy; work was so busy to the point where I was near tears, and the weather was so up and down that it made me feel crazy. I've always known that the weather has great affect on me but I don't think I realized how much the rain has really done a number on my mental health. It has rained so much in New York over the past year but lately, it has really stunted my mood. 

I need to just learn how to not let rain make me depressed but easier said than done, right? 

I'm also gearing up for quite the hectic April which also puts an aura of stress over everything, but I'm excited because at the end of the month I'll be in London! Once I have my ducks in a row, I will try to do a blog post about the trip, what I'm bringing, and then of course when I get back I'll share all the details. 

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Let's get into the blog post!

Pink Positivity of the Week

I had some big meetings and presentations at work this week that went really well, and I'm really proud of myself. I weirdly feel like I've come into my own over the past month and feel empowered in my job. I've been at Estee Lauder for almost two years and having had other jobs before this, I know two years is my sweet spot for really feeling strong so I'm happy.

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