I've followed Lauryn Bosstick for years and have always loved her beauty and wellness tips. That's why when she announced her new brand, aptly named The Skinny Confidential, I knew we were in for a treat. I couldn't trust anyone more to produce the most perfect beauty products that will enhance our lives in so many ways.

Lauryn always waxed poetic about ice rolling and how important that was to her and her beauty routine so the fact that her first product was The Hot Mess Ice Roller made perfect sense in my eyes. I purchased it the moment it was available and it truly is one of the best beauty products I've ever owned. 

From there, Lauryn has taken mundane, ordinary beauty products in our everyday lives and put her own spin on it. She enhances a regular product and makes it better, and of course, makes it aesthetically pleasing. 

For example, usually ice rollers are made of plastic and don't stay cold for more than a few minutes. Lauryn made sure that hers was different by using an aluminum roller that is cool to the touch no matter how long it's been out of the freezer. 

Then, it comes to the branding. Lauryn is an expert brander and has always said that if she wasn't an influencer she would be working as someone who does branding for companies. Every piece of her product is meticulously thought out -- from the actual product, to the coloring, the names, the boxes they come in and how they ship out their products. Every product is an experience and it's a wonderful experience... it's what beauty is all about. 

Now that I've droned on about the company in general, I want to talk about my favorite products. Aside from the driving gloves, I have tried every product that The Skinny Confidential has put out and honestly, I've loved them all but I definitely have my favorites and the ones that I use consistently. 

The Hot Shave Razor

I don't know when I started shaving my face but I've been doing it for at least 5 years, if not more, at this point. I was using disposable razors from the drugstore which were fine, but it felt wasteful and they were never as sharp as I wanted them to be. When Lauryn and the Skinny Confidential released their Hot Shave Razor, which was reusable but with disposable heads, I knew it was going to be my new go-to. Like the ice roller, the razor has a thumbprint so you can hold it at the perfect pressure and angle, and the disposable heads are sharp, but don't feel dangerous...they also last a few uses so you're not feeling super wasteful. I use the razor to not only shave (derma-plane) my face to get rid of peach fuzz and smooth my skin, but I love it for shaving my upper lip. I no longer get it waxed and stick to shaving -- it's so much more convenient and painless.

The Hot Mess Ice Roller

This is the one that started it out. The Hot Mess Ice Roller so cute, it stays cold, and feels incredible on your skin. I use it the morning to wake my face up, or when my TMJ is acting up. I've even used it on my legs when my eczema is flaring up and I need a little bit of relief! It's my favorite part of my morning routine because it truly makes my skin feel awake, depuff my face, and helps with lymphatic drainage.  I also think The roller has a place for your thumb to rest so you're always using the correct amount of pressure and holding it at the right angle (see, the details!). If you are going to get one thing from The Skinny Confidential it should be the Hot Mess Ice Roller. 

The Butter Brush

The Butter Brush is the latest innovation from The Skinny Confidential and it makes such sense for Lauryn, who has been an avid dry brusher for years -- she's the person who convinced me to start the habit! I've been struggling with dry brushing lately because the brushes I have were irritating my skin. I also found that they were too small and didn't fit comfortably in my hand. The Skinny Confidential team sent me this right before it launched and I fell in love. The bristles are incredibly soft and densely packed, so there's no irritation but you still get the exfoliation you desire. It has a long handle so you can easily dry brush your entire body, with complete control. What used to be a tired chore of roughing up my skin has turned into a pleasant part of my routine.

Below are all the other Skinny Confidential products I've used & enjoyed!  

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