For years I've discussed on the blog and social media how my hair has been a point of contention. It's given me hell in so many ways; bad haircuts, frizz, and unruly curls. I've gotten keratin treatments to make it straighter, embraced my natural curls without adding heat, and tried so many different hair tools to get it just right. 

I loved my Drybar Double Shot Brush for years but it was starting to die on me and I wanted to get in on the Air Wrap journey that everyone was on. My sister bought a used Dyson at the end of 2022 and I was impressed by how fast it got my hair straight but it wasn't worth the price tag. I couldn't get used to the air wrap attachments and it felt too expensive to experiment with. I also wanted a larger round brush attachment which at the time, the Dyson didn't have.

The next best thing was the Shark Flexstyle and I have truly loved using this tool since April 2023. It's incredibly easy to use, dries my hair in record time, and is versatile in the styles you can achieve.

What Comes With the Shark FlexStyle?

There are a few different variations of the Flexstyle: curly & coily hair or wavy & straight hair. I have the one for wavy & straight, though you could buy the other attachments for even more options, which I might eventually do. If you order from the Shark website, you can even build your own bundle if you want to further customize what attachments you get. 

With the wavy & straight hair option you get 5 attachments: smoothing, two curlers, a paddle brush and round brush. If you choose the curly & coily option you would get everything the same but the paddle brush would be replaced by a diffuser. 

The great thing about the Shark FlexStyle is that you can adjust the head of the blow dryer to be at a 90 degree angle so you can just blow your hair without having to use an attachment. It adds to the versatility and is something that the Dyson cannot do. 

Shark just released a new attachment that isn't currently included in any kits but you can buy separately and that's the Frizz Fighter Finishing Tool that you can use at the end of your hair routine to tame any frizz that might be lingering. This is a purchase that will definitely be in my near future. 

Blowing Your Hair

I mainly use the Shark FlexStyle as a hair dryer with the round brush and it works so well! It gives me a bouncy blowout but not too voluminous that I couldn't consider it straight. My hair only takes about 15 minutes to dry if I don't take any breaks, it's very easy and it always comes out looking beautiful. As much as I loved my Drybar Double Shot, the Shark FlexStyle accomplishes just as sleek of a look in less time. 

Sometimes, before I go in with the round brush I'll dry my roots without any attachments just to ensure I get the smoothest look possible. The paddle brush is an occasional use to smooth and straighten things out, or just when I want a different look.

The Shark has three heat settings, three strength settings and a cool shot button so you can perfectly control how you do your hair. The Dyson is definitely lighter in both weight and power, but that wasn't ideal for my hair because I have so much I felt like I needed something with a bit more oomph to get my hair just right. 

Curling Your Hair

I'll admit, I have not used the curler attachments more than once or twice because I simply cannot get the hang of it, nor do I ever have the time to experiment with my hair in order to try it. 

The few times I did use the curling attachments I found them easy to use -- you just need to find your rhythm. What I found easiest when curling is to start when your hair is damp and use small sections; you don't want to choose pieces of hair that are bigger than the barrel otherwise the curl will not hold. I'm also not a big hair spray gal but I assume if you use it, your hair will come out even better.

But, if you have the patience and the skill, you will become a pro at curling your hair with the Shark in no time. 

All in all, I find that the Shark is a lot easier to use than the Dyson. It's powerful but not too hot in temperature, and dries your hair very quickly. I don't think I'll ever use another blow dryer because this has everything I could ever need, and if Shark keeps coming out with new attachments, I'll keep adding to my collection!

Do you have the Shark FlexStyle? What do you think? 


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