My 2024 Wellness Goals

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For the past few years, and when I say 'few' I mean at least 6, I've been very into wellness. I love reading about wellness trends, trying new supplements and products that are going to better my life, and overall just trying to better myself in any way possible.

Wellness has become so broad and mainstream over the past few years it seems that everyone has their own special wellness routine and there are constantly new products & companies popping up everywhere with the goal of bettering people's lives.

As we start the new year (25 days in), I've been thinking so much about what I want my wellness routine to look like for the next 340 days and I wanted to write about it, as I do almost everything in my life.

Overall, I want to be healthier, I want to take care of my chronic pain, I want to sleep better and have more energy, and I want to be more mindful and intentional. All my 'goals' fall into at least one of those buckets.


Working out has not been a main priority for me in the past year or so. I'm still paying for a gym membership I don't use and even though I would like to get back to the gym, it's really hard for me and I don't know why. However, I do have a walking pad and I'm trying to do that at least 3x per week. When it gets warmer out, I do also want to do more 'hot girl walks' and just get outside, whether it's walking around the block or spending an hour in the park. Walking is my go-to form of exercise; I've never been the class type of gal and strength training doesn't make me feel like I'm getting anything done, so walking it is. Walking is going to be a priority for me and hopefully I will get back to the gym for a little elliptical or stair master action. 

Minimize Physical Pain

Summer 2022 I started experiencing a lot of physical back pain. It was triggered by a crappy mattress and desk chair, and I started seeing a chiropractor to resolve it, which helped a lot. I'm now a pro at recognizing what is going to trigger pain, but sometimes it's still a mystery. Then, I have chronic wrist pain that comes up whenever I'm on my phone or computer too much. This year is all about being more mindful of what I'm doing with my body, ensuring I'm stretching enough and taking all precautions (and solutions) to make my pain feel better. Chronic pain truly makes everything in my life worse so this is at the top of my goal list. 

Acupressure Mat

In the realm of physical pain, I want to make sure to make a routine of using my WTH acupuncture mat that I got for Christmas. It's not only going to help my physical pain but it has so many mental health benefits as well, including deep relaxation, better sleep, and more energy. I'm very excited to use it on a consistent basis and see what it does! 

Sleep Wellness 

With the addition of my Hatch Alarm Clock & Oura Ring in 2023, my sleep definitely improved but I'm ready to take it a step further. I've realized that everything is worse when I don't get enough sleep. I need a solid 8 or more hours a night to feel like a functioning human being. My main issue is never falling asleep but staying asleep. I twist & turn, am up for hours during the night and it needs to stop. 2024 is going to my year of good sleep, one way or another! 

What are your wellness goals of 2024?
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