February was so fast yet so slow and I simply cannot believe we're already in March. I can't believe winter is almost over and Daylight Savings Time is this coming weekend. I'm actually looking forward to it getting darker later because my seasonal depression needs it. 

February was a fine month - it was neither good nor bad. I think I hit a bit of a rock bottom in terms of mental health at the beginning and it tapered off towards the end. A highlight was definitely going into the office more (which I think helps my mental health - how annoying) and of course, my Charleston trip.

I'm positive about March and the rest of the year so here's hoping I manifest some good stuff!

Back to the point of this post though... my February favorites. I failed a bit epically in the no impulse shopping section and I'm going to do my best in March to get back on the horse. That being said, the new items I did buy were bought with intention and they are definitely some of my favorites this month!

Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

I've been toying with the idea of a Hatch Restore alarm clock for years and after one too many sleepless nights, I impulsively bought it. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made and it makes me so happy. I'm able to wake up with ease thanks to the soft alarm sounds and sunrise light, and going to sleep is a joy with the different meditations, white noises, and the soft light. I'm obsessed with it and it makes my nighttime routine so much better. I'll do a full review of it soon but it's definitely been a favorite this month.

SJP x Strathberry Handbag

It's been a little while since I purchased a new handbag so I was itching for something new. When I saw my idol, Sarah Jessica Parker release a collaboration with British brand, Strathberry, I didn't even pause to think about it and immediately purchased it. I've looked at Strathberry bags before thanks to Meghan Markle's love of the brand so I knew that the quality was there. I will also buy anything that gets me close to SJP/Carrie Bradshaw. 

The bag is called the City Osette and it's the most adorable yet sophisticated bucket bag with chain crossbody strap. It was the only bag I used in Charleston and it fits so much - the size is very deceiving! I will definitely be doing a full blog post and/or YouTube video on it once I use it more but just know that it's worth the money, the quality is divine and it's so different and chic! I'm obsessed.

Zella Amazing Lite Crewneck Sweatshirt

I was on the hunt for a simple, plain black sweatshirt that I could wear outside the house or when I work from home. The sweatshirts I do have are incredibly oversized and have sayings and images on them - I wanted something plain. I was going to buy a Nike sweatshirt until I saw Zella had a good looking sweatshirt and was cheaper than Nike. Well, I've been living it this sweatshirt for over a month and I can't stop. It's so comfortable, washes so well, and is exactly what I was looking for. It's not oversized but not tight fitting - it's the perfect combination of both. The material is heavy and has a fleece lining, but it doesn't make you hot. I'm very tempted to buy it in another color.

BlanQuil Weighted Blanket

The one thing that has been helping with my anxiety, especially at night, is my BlanQuil Weighted Blanket. I've been sleeping under it every night and it puts me right to sleep. It feels like I'm baby, swaddled in a warm cocoon and all my anxiety just vanishes. It puts me in a good mood right before I fall asleep which is ideal, and it also keeps me asleep all night long. If you don't have a weighted blanket, you need one.

What were your favorite items in February 2023? 

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