I've slowly been making my way through all my new Olive & June shades that I bought this past fall & winter, and one of last shades I have is 'Favorite Beanie'. 

When I first saw this color (I can't remember if it was the fall or winter collection), I was intrigued. It's so dark, but not dark enough to be confused with another color. It's wintery, cozy, and is the perfect shade to wear in a blizzard.

I don't have a blue/gray like it in my collection and it was definitely something I was missing. I waited until it was cold enough to almost snow to wear it and I'm glad I did; it was the perfect color for a cold weekend in Boston.

Favorite Beanie is one of the most stunning, unique shades I've seen and owned. It makes me feel cozy and warm, and is neutral enough to wear year round if you really wanted too. 

Of course, as always, the formula is impeccable. It went on super smooth, even, and not patchy; and it dried down very shiny and glossy. It lasted a pretty long time too, a few days with no chips until I started to pick it off myself. 

Olive & June now describes their long lasting formula as 'plump like gel finish', which I think is pretty accurate. If you apply it correctly, slowly, and patiently, your nails will look super glossy and gel like. It just looked so beautiful on my nails and it matched my new fur coat that I got for my birthday, which was a happy coincidence. 

Once Christmas is over, I think I'm going to be rocking Favorite Beanie all winter long!


PS: Did you see I shared a holiday giveaway? Make sure to enter! 

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