Tis the shopping season! It seems like Black Friday has been going on for over a month but we've made it to the big day. Black Friday gets earlier and earlier every year but I hardly shop the early sales. I never fully trust the retailer's pre-Thanksgiving sales and like to wait until I see the final Black Friday sale prices, that way I know I'm getting the best deal.

The key to find out if the early sales are the real Black Friday sales is to read the fine print of the offer. It'll tell you when the promotion ends so it's very clear if a new one will come on Black Friday aka November 23rd this year. 

I spent most of the weekend scouring the internet for the sales I'll be shopping, and the sales from retailers/brands I love...all to live in this post & be updated throughout the next two weeks while retailers continue to update their promotions.

From Nordstrom to Olive & June to QVC, there's a lot of great deals to shop...however, do not feel pressured to buy things just because they are on sale. In recent years, I've learned to let go of the impulsiveness and overwhelming feeling that Black Friday brings and really only shop the things I've needed, or focus on buying gifts. 

A few weeks ago I made a list of the things I would buy for myself during Black Friday, and it's very small. I have a list for gifts as well, and we'll see how much shopping I get done.

Below everything I recommend from the brands/retailers that I love! Bookmark this post and come back later in the week for more sales & new additions. 

Beauty Deals

Home Deals

Fashion Deals  



Kate Spade

Tory Burch

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