September is over, fall is here and we're welcoming spooky season. The past week or so has been so chilly and beautiful in New York it feels so wonderful. I turned the heat in my fake fireplace on over the weekend because I was so cold, and it felt so good. 

I've been eating and drinking all of the pumpkin and apple items but I'm ready to turn on Hocus Pocus and fully embrace my fall self. I'm hoping that the weather agrees with me and I can lean into the chilly vibes.

While I'm excited for fall and to be closer to Halloween, I feel like I haven't been my true fall self. I need to do something fallish to get into the groove, maybe wearing a sweater while wearing dark nail polish will do the trick! 

September was a good month; it was busy yet relaxing and I felt like I became more settled into my home. I've decorated for fall and I'm really looking forward to decorating for Halloween and Christmas. 

My shopping has been out of control this past month so it's time to reign it in to save some money and wishlist items for my birthday and Christmas. Before that though, let's dive into all the items that were my favorites during September.

Barnes & Noble Nook Glow Light 4 Plus

For years I've toggled between my Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook as my e-readers. I started off with the Nook years ago and only got into the Kindle game a few years ago. I've had my Nook Glowlight 3 since 2020 and it had been acting up so I had my eyes set on buying a new one. This summer, Barnes & Noble released pre-orders for their new Glow Light 4 Plus and I immediately purchased it. It arrived early September and I have been loving it! I was able to download some NetGalley arcs to it (through a terribly long process) and kind of want to use it exclusively as my only e-reader. It's that good! A full review will be coming in the next few weeks but as of now, it's the best e-reader I've ever had.

Burberry Aiden Eye Glasses

I get new eyeglasses almost every year and I've been wanting a lighter colored frame. For years I had pink tortoise shell frames from Stella McCartney and then last year, I got a black pair from her as well. I wanted something different this year to lighten up my face, and I couldn't get these Burberry frames out of my head. I've always loved Burberry and over the past few months have been dying for something from the classic English brand. I had previously tried these on in my local eyeglass store but decided to order from, which was great because I could use my insurance. I've exclusively been wearing these glasses all month and I'm obsessed. They're light in color and in weight, they have a little Burberry detailing on the side and are just very chic. This is definitely going to reignite my love of Burberry.

Gisou Hair Oil

My hair has been giving me so many problems lately but one thing that has been very helpful is the Gisou Hair Oil. I've had this oil for a while now and was using it very sparingly. It is a thicker hair oil so I try to not be so heavy handed with it because if you overdo it, your hair can get a little greasy. I've been using it exclusively on my dry, styled hair to tame frizz and give me some shine that is until I saw a TikTok that changed the game. Applying hair oil to wet hair prevents the frizz and adds shine before you've even styled your hair. I've always applied heat protectant and a leave in condition, and any other styling products but never thought to put good old regular hair oil in wet hair. I've been doing this with the Gisou Hair Oil and when my hair naturally dries, it's smoother, shinier and less frizzy. The hair oil itself is meant to tame frizz so when you combine it with wet hair, you've got the perfect recipe. 

What did you love this month?
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