We are now on our third week of reviewing Olive & June's Fall 2023 nail polish collection. I think last week I described the color a bit off; Shacket is a lot more darker than your traditional mauve but when it comes to this week's manicure, we've got our mauve lady.

'Can I Borrow A Sweater' is such a cute nail polish name; I don't know what it has to do with the color mauve but I'm still into it.

Olive & June describes this as a mauve jelly shade -- and when they say jelly, I think they're referring to the finish. It has a slight sheen and almost three dimensional look when on the nails. It's a different kind of finish that is really beautiful, and I think captures the feeling of fall.

The color is traditional mauve, leaning more pink than purple or brown/beige and it reminds me a cozy sweater or a fluffy Barefoot Dreams blanket. It's gorgeous and perfect for autumnal activities. 

Of course, the formula is to die for; it's very long lasting, one of the more sturdy polishes I've used from Olive & June. I couldn't even pick the polish off my nails, it was like glue in all the best ways possible.

It went on like a dream, very smooth, not patchy and opaque. I feel like a broken record whenever I write one of these reviews because there has simply never been a bad Olive & June polish! All of the polishes have A+ formulas.

Can I Borrow a Sweater is a must-have fall shade!

PS: Olive & June released the Quick Dry Formula version of their fall collection as well as pre-orders for their Advent and Hanukkah Calendars

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