Happy Friday! Happy heatwave in NYC! This week was brutal in terms of temperature; I slept horribly, didn't go outside much, and just felt kind of hopeless in terms of weather. I do not do well in the heat and quite frankly I'm over it. I'm ready for sweaters and boots and coziness. 

Usually once Labor Day passes I'm fully in fall mode but this year, because a heat wave is coming right after the holiday, I can't seem to get in my groove. I need to decorate my apartment for fall and find my mojo. I was going to decorate this past weekend but life had other plans; I did a lot of food shopping, cleaning, meal prepping, saw my family, spent a day by the pool, and then put together my new bar cart. It was very productive and very tiring, which is why I didn't blog at all this week.

I've been really in a content creation funk, which I think I talked about a few weeks ago. It's something I love so much and really feels natural to me but it almost feels like I'll never be as good as I want. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, just a little discouraged. I can't seem to get in a good groove in my new apartment and things just feel really hard lately. 

I'm hoping I'll figure it out soon, maybe I just need to find a routine that allows me to be more consistent and rigid with my routine. 

This weekend is going to be low key around the house and then celebrating a friend's baby shower. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, stay cool & dry because a hurricane is brewing on the east coast. Let's get into the roundup! 

Pink Positivity of the Week     

I've been wanting to meal prep since I moved into the apartment and this weekend I finally did! I made crock pot chicken, cauliflower fried rice, and pancake muffins. I'm hoping to continue the routine this weekend!

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