Ever since I could remember I've been a handbag lover. They were always my drug of choice, ever since I got my first Coach wristlet when I was a kid. I had so many Coach bags, and then eventually Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. I lusted after Lauren Conrad and her iconic Chanel Medallion tote, or Paris & Nicole with their multi color Louis Vuitton.

Growing up, my mom had a few Louis Vuitton handbags and I always thought they were so beautiful and chic. I dreamed of the day I would own a real designer bag...and that moment came on my 16th birthday when my grandma bought me a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. It was the start of a beautiful friendship between Louis & I.

Till this day, I think Louis Vuitton is my favorite designer. I don't care if people say it's basic, if monogram everything is out, if the Neverfull is overdone -- I will never get tired of the three iconic Louis Vuitton canvas prints.

Almost 10 years ago, another Louis Vuitton bag caught my eye; it was different from anything I'd seen before and I was hooked. Then, in 2017 it introduced a new type of Louis Vuitton print -- reverse monogram canvas. It was honestly love at first sight... the Pochette Metis was my kind of bag. 

As I got older, had more money to spend, and discovered the beauty of resale/consignment websites I built up my collection of handbags but I was still chasing the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis.

Finally, in 2021, when I got promoted at my job I decided that it was time. I was going to buy my dream bag. Off to Fashionphile I went and there she was, in all her reverse monogram glory, steeply under retail price. I bought her and within a few days, she was mine.

Now, almost three years later, the Pochette Metis is still my dream bag. It is one of the most used handbags in my collection and I think it's the type of bag everyone should have. 

What is the Pochette Metis?

The Pochette Metis is a briefcase style bag that was released in 2012 and didn't blow up until 2014, which is when it first got on my radar. It has a front, click closure with one flap, similar to how you would open a Chanel flap bag, which makes it very secure. There's no zipper but nothing is going to fall out of it nor can anyone get into the bag.

Inside, there are three compartments; two large pockets at the front and then a slim pocket at the back that is ideal for receipts, a card holder or anything thin. One of my favorite features on the bag is the exterior back pocket that has a zipper closure. My iPhone 13 Pro Max fits into the pocket seamlessly as well as keys, cash, receipts, lip products... really anything. 

The bag is spacious yet isn't over powering so it's ideal for everyday wear, but you can really pack whatever you need in it. 

The Pochette Metis is a crossbody bag so it comes with an adjustable strap; you can also wear it as a shoulder bag, or carry it by it's top handle. I have used it all three ways and I don't really have a preference. 

What Are The Measurements?

Right now there is only one size of the Pochette Metis* and it's been that way since the bag's debut. The exact measurements are 9.8 x 7.5 x 2.8 inches while the strap drop minimum is 18.9 inches and max: 21.7 inches.

Louis Vuitton did recently release a new 'size' called the East West but it does feel very different from the original even though it's under the same umbrella. 

What Colors & Prints Does It Come In? 

The Pochette Metis is only available in monogram, but comes in a variety of different colors and materials. There's monogram, Empreinte leather, and then Empreinte leather with the oversized LV logo. Louis Vuitton will also sometimes offer the Pochette Metis as part of limited edition collections that have pretty crazy, bold prints. 

When it comes to the Empreinte leather, there have been many colors over the years: rose ballerine, cherry, black, blue... the list goes on. If I couldn't get monogram, I'd probably go with an Empreinte leather Pochette Metis in wine or pink. They're beautiful beyond words. 

What's the Wear and Tear Like? 

I can only speak to the quality and wear and tear of my own bag, which I take very good care of and have only had for two and a half years. It was pre-loved but it was in excellent condition, with just some creases under the front flap. My bag is in perfect condition; it looks like it's brand new and I've had no issues with it. When the bag was first released, there were a ton of quality issues and to my knowledge they have been addressed with the newer bags but I never had an issue with mine.

It's important to note that the Reverse Monogram Pochette Metis has no vachetta leather on it so it won't patina (aka turn brown) nor will it get stained. The leather trim on the reverse bags are all black leather so the bag has an extra layer of protection. 

How Much Is It?

The price varies depending on what color and material you get but the regular monogram canvas starts at $2,570, which is an insane price for a canvas bag. I think when the bag first popped up on my radar it was under $1500 so it's jumped quite a lot in the past 10 years. 

As I mentioned before, I bought my Pochette Metis preloved from Fashionphile and it cost around $1700 when I purchased it. The prices are higher now on the preloved bags but if you do a little digging, you can find it under retail price.

Who is This Bag Good For? 

I think the Pochette Metis is the type of bag that anyone can wear. It's structured but with use becomes more pliable so the material will give. This is good if you're not a structured bag lover. Because of how much the bag does fit I think anyone can get use out of it. If you need an everyday bag, this fits a ton; if you're a mom, this can be a nice supplement to a larger diaper bag if that's your vibe. If you're someone who commutes but carries their laptop in another bag, or just doesn't need that much space for the work day, the briefcase shape definitely gives business women vibes.

I think the Pochette Metis would be a great gateway bag into the luxury world; I don't know if it can be considered a classic like the Speedy & Neverfull, but it's definitely a great first designer bag. The size and style are perfect, the only thing that isn't ideal is the price. 

My Final Thoughts

If you couldn't tell, it's probably my favorite Louis Vuitton bag ever. It's the bag I am always reaching for when I want something simple but substantial. It's my shopping bag, my casual dinner bag, my running errands bag. It's a bag that I've worn to church, to funerals, to girls night and date night. It does everything you need it to and I love it so much.

Shop some preloved styles below!

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