Happy Friday! It was a good week that felt very long but was very productive. I'm in a decent routine now but still trying to get my bearings and implement some healthier habits. I haven't been sleeping great so I don't have a lot of energy to work out. I haven't been creating content, reading, or doing the things I like because I feel like I've been a bit on autopilot. I really need to get into the groove.

It's going to be a good weekend though because I'm going to opening night of the Jonas Brothers 'The Tour" at Yankee Stadium and I simply cannot wait. I don't think it's even registered in my mind that I'm seeing my favorite men on OPENING NIGHT at YANKEE STADIUM. 13 year old Briana never thought she'd be here but I'm pumped.

Also, because I had the most intense FOMO for the better part of this year, I caved and spent too much money on a Taylor Swift Eras Tour ticket for Miami, in 2024. I need to see this tour, it feels like a once in a lifetime event and it's too important for me to miss.

Let's get into the roundup!

I was sent these Barbie wineglasses and I finally unboxed them. They're perfect for my apartment!

Pink Positivity of the Week

I've really started to feel at home in my own apartment and it's making me very happy. I feel like a real adult now more than I did a month ago and it's helping in more ways than I thought. Some other positives: 1989 Taylor's Version was announced, I'm going to the Eras Tour, and tomorrow is the Jonas Brothers!

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

I didn't buy anything this week! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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