Another Monday, another Barbie themed manicure. I truly have not stopped thinking about the Barbie movie and I will not stop thinking about it until it comes on streaming services and I can watch it once a day. That means I also will not stop wearing pink nail polish and I might have to get my hands on the full OPI collection.

When I went to see the movie for the 2nd time last week, I painted my nails with another OPI shade, the 3rd I've tried from the 4 polishes I have. 

Feel the Magic is a gorgeous, classic pale pink with a creamy, glossy finish. It's the softer sister to 'Hi Barbie' and a little more wearable than the hot pink shade, and is a little more bubblegum which is really beautiful. 

It's such a classic looking pink and although it feels like it would be common, I don't have anything like it in my collection. 

The formula is also really wonderful; I don't remember OPI being so easy to work with; maybe these are a different formula from their usual polishes. The polish went on very smoothly, with no patchiness and very opaque. 

The product description says it's a quick dry formula and I think I can attest to that; it dried faster than other polishes in my collection and other OPI shades I've tried. Chipping was at a minimal, even though I've been using my hands so much with setting up my apartment which is always a plus.

I really love this collection and I still have one more polish to try... and then I might just have to get my hands on more!

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