Hi Barbie! Hi Friday! This week was insanely long, stressful and chaotic but it's over and there are brighter days ahead. 

I spent the week working from home, getting over a little virus and trying to settle into my new apartment. I'm officially unpacked and settled in so now it's time to decorate, organize and just be. It was a rough first few days in the apartment, I cried a lot and just felt completely overwhelmed but after getting unpacked, it started to feel like home.

I need to do a full apartment post within the next few weeks so stay tuned.

This weekend I'm going to see Barbie again, this time with my friends, and I cannot wait. I haven't stopped thinking or talking about the movie and I'm so happy I get to see a 2nd time with women I love and have known since I was a kid. If you are a woman, please go see Barbie; it will change your life and validate you in so many ways.

I'm on summer Friday tomorrow so I'm going to do a little organizing, get a pedicure, and just get my life together because it feels like I'm floating through air. 

Let's get into the round up! 

Pink Positivity of the Week

Being in my new apartment was definitely a positive. I feel so happy, lucky and excited to be on my own!

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

*This is not inclusive of house stuff which will a different post!

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