Little Loves, Vol 16

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 Hi there, long time no talk! Last week was a bit insane between work and preparing to move into my new apartment. I needed a break from the blog and social media in general; I simply cannot focus on too much at once anymore. 

I moved into the apartment on Saturday and spent the day unpacking and organizing, and finishing putting together some furniture. I was completely overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the day that I cried myself to sleep. I've moved so much in my life but living alone is new to me - even in college I had my roommates, I was never completely alone, so it's a new feeling.

My mom is literally a few steps away (I'm in the lower apartment level of our house with it's own entrance) but I couldn't help but feel so alone and out of place during my first night. Even with all my furniture and stuff around me, it didn't feel like home. I've never felt like that before but that's probably because I've always been with my family in a new place.

It's a complicated emotion that I don't even know if I can properly put into words. It's something I probably need to work out in therapy.

Right now, it's Sunday, I'm sitting in my mom's house, watching Twilight and soaking up the air conditioning (that's another reason I'm out of sorts - I'm trying to figure out the air conditioning situation in my apartment and can't seem to get the temperature right for my hot blooded ways). 

I'm going to try to rest for most of the day and then do some more unpacking and organizing. Expect a lot of home content everywhere you follow me. I'm finally entering a different era of nicheness! 

For now, let's go through some little things I've been loving...

I had a wedding at the beginning of July and I really needed a new dress. I love Adrianna Papell (blog post coming on her line soon) and when I saw this dress online, I fell in love immediately. My mom did not like it but I didn't care, I ordered it anyway and it ended up being the dress! My mom ended up loving it too and considering buying one for herself; goes to show you how deceiving things look online. 

Here's a little sneak peek of the apartment! I got a TV stand with a fake fireplace and decided to store all my books inside. I have so many books, I really need to go through and get rid of some but I'm so excited to have this television stand. I've dreamt of it forever and can't wait for the weather to get cold so I can turn it on and feel cozy!

My office is right across the street from a Liberty Bagels location and something inside me was dying for a bagel one morning. I got an everything with cream cheese and it was just delightful. It hit every craving and I can't wait to get another one. 

I've been having some weird nausea lately and decided to buy a package of ginger ale... well, it truly cures all and I forgot how much I love it. I don't drink soda at all so this feels like a nice little treat when I really need it. Cuddled up in bed with a Barefoot Dreams blanket and a ginger ale is a perfect night. 

I don't think I showed this photo on the blog yet but I wanted to include it. I've been loving And Just Like That, even if everyone else isn't and it just means so much that I was able to get my butt out of bed a few Sundays ago to go into Manhattan and see the SATC exhibit. Seeing Carrie's tutu in real life was incredible. 

I saw Barbie on Friday with my mom and sister and I have never loved a movie more. I knew I was going to love it but I don't think I understood just how much it was going to effect me. I was choking back tears, hysterically laughing and questioning my entire existence during the film. I haven't stopped thinking about it and I honestly think it has changed and validated me in ways I didn't know possible. I need to see it in theaters again and/or need it on streaming immediately. 

This is so random but I've been loving this little ramen and wonton lunch from Trader Joes. The ramen soup is so tasty and to make it more filling, I steam their Chicken Cilantro Wontons and throw them in. It's delicious and so easy to make.

I get such a kick of out of this Kate Spade Metro Card wallet. It's my 'work wallet' so it stays in my bag and whenever I pull it out while taking MTA, I giggle. It's adorable, useful and I love anything New York themed. It's still available online and I highly recommend. 

My friends and I recently had a girls night at a Greek restaurant and while the service was terrible, the insanely good food made up for it. I got a Chicken Souvlaki and it came with so many french fries topped with feta cheese. It was so delicious and I'm still dreaming about it, honestly. 

What have you been up too lately? 

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