It's very rare that I shop Prime Day because I never found a need for anything that's on sale, but since I'm moving into my own apartment, this Prime Day is very important.

I'm going to be shopping like a mad woman to get my essentials, including a new Fire TV, and maybe some storage options. 

As I've gotten older, my impulsive shopping when there are a ton of sales has gotten a lot better. I don't shop just because something is on sale but with Prime Day, there are a lot of good deals to look into. Do not buy something you wouldn't buy full price!

That being said, I rounded up some of the best deals I've seen in the categories I'm interested in; beauty, home, tech and a few random items thrown in.

I'll be updating this post until Prime Day ends so bookmark it and come back for more!


Beauty Deals

Home Deal

Tech Deals

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