Happy Friday! This was a weird week filled with weird moods, toxic air and the ending of Scandoval. I had the day off on Wednesday to go to the dentist, and then just ran some errands and enjoyed the day but a wrench was thrown into it when the sky turned orange and you could smell the smoke through the walls. 

The Canadian wildfires made the air in New York the most hazardous air in the entire world with an air quality of over 300. You could smell the smoke in the air, could barely see a few feet in front of you and the Manhattan skyline became invisible. 

I was honestly terrified by it; it was really scary to smell smoke with no flames, to have my eyes water, and to not be able to breathe... then my entire house turned dark because of the orange sky, and I almost had a panic attack. Thankfully I was home and not in my 39th floor office overlooking Central Park because the views from there were terrifying. 

It was scaring me because it was the first time New York ever experienced anything like this; I can handle snow and rain but something like wild fire smoke? It has never happened and it put me on edge.

I'm thinking about everyone in Canada affected by the wildfires and keeping a close eye on the air quality index over the next few days... 

Now, let's get into the wrap up.

Pink Positivity of the Week

I had a really great therapy session and felt like I made some breakthroughs which is always a good feeling. Then, Wednesday was definitely a positive. I was able to move slow, to do things I like doing, relax and just be. It was a nice, refreshing mid week break.

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