I am so excited for King Charles' coronation on Saturday! It is another major royal event that we will be watching in our lifetimes and it's super thrilling. I started this blog a year after the royal wedding of William and Kate, have watched all the royal children be born, watched Harry & Meghan's wedding, and their leaving of the family, Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth's funerals... and now the coronation.

I am an avid royal supporter; I've watched every documentary, interview; read every book and am currently making my way through The Spare, and just gobble up everything and anything. 

The Coronation starts at 5 AM EST on Saturday, May 6th and you'll be able to watch the livestream of everything leading up to the actual coronation which for some reason, will not be live streamed. You can find all the information, times and channels here

I will definitely be waking up early, tuning in and enjoying another historic British event.

To honor that, I put together a fun little post of things you can celebrate with. 

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