I have been wearing the same gray Steve Madden slip on sneakers for around 8 years now and it's time they get retired. They're old, worn, dirty and just not in the best shape anymore. I've tried to replace them numerous times but I could never find a slip on sneaker that was comfortable, sleek and exactly what I was looking for.

At the start of spring I started to really focus on finding the perfect shoe and I actually found a lot of contenders. Ultimately, I decided to go with this one from Target, completely on a whim but I'm excited to hopefully find a replacement for my beloved Steve Maddens.

On my hunt, I actually found a decent amount of fun slip ons so I thought I'd share them with you all. I love slip on sneakers because they're so easy to throw on, can be sporty without being overly active wear and can dress down any outfit. 

I usually wear them while running errands throughout the warmer months so I'm happy to have a new pair. I'll be sure to report back on whether I like them.

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