I almost forgot to write this post this week. It was an incredibly long, weird week with lots of hiccups and honestly, a lot of good moods. My car battery died on Monday, I was in the office for fun reasons on Tuesday & Wednesday and then out for dinner for my sister's birthday on Friday.

The birthday celebrations for her will continue throughout the weekend and then I have a short work week ahead of me because I'm going to Rhode Island for my sorority sister's wedding. I've never been and I'm really excited to visit a new place for such a special occasion.

The Sephora sale started yesterday and I listed out all my picks in this post, so definitely check that out. Also, if you haven't yet, head to my new shop page where I've been updating my picks that you can shop all the time...and another shameless plug - I still haven't gotten my Instagram account back so it looks like this one is here to stay. Please go and follow me!

Let's get into the post.

Pink Positivity of the Week

Even though the week started off with a bang and my car battery dying, a helpful neighbor from my local Facebook group saved the day and it was actually so nice and made me so happy that he was willing to help so quickly. The entire situation was handled within an hour and it was incredibly easy.

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