March was a long, weird month. It felt like it went by so slowly but so fast at the same time. It felt like the entire month was a big joke; I kept running into weird issues with so many different things, like breaking a bunch of dishes and glasses when loading the dishwasher, getting my Instagram account taken away, issues with doctors appointments and just all around feeling disconnected from reality.

We're finally out of winter and embracing spring here in New York and as much as I love the fall and winter, spring hasn't been so bad the past few years. I think my seasonal depression was a lot worse this year than previously so the sun and warm breezes are a welcome feat. 

I discussed my mental health recently and while I'm feeling so much better now versus two months ago, I still have my moments. I think what I'm struggling the most with now, which is something I've known for a while but felt like it came to a head in March, was the fact that I have a hard time holding myself accountable. 

I'm a flake when it comes to taking care of myself, focusing on tasks and creating routines; it's really hard for me to stick with something because I get distracted so easily and feel very impulsive at times. It's something that was very difficult to handle in March and I'm going to do my best to change my behavior.

For example, I said I was going to do a low buy year and I did good in January, but then fell off the wagon, as most people do with resolutions. I'm going to do my best to stick with it in April so we'll see.

That being said, I did find some things that I truly loved in the month of March and that's why you're all here, isn't it? 

Origins Avocado Lip Butter 

I have been eyeing this lip butter from Origins for years but have always been hesitant because of the avocado. There was an adorable gift set at work (I work for Estee Lauder who owns Origins and there is a company store that we could go to and get discounts), and I had to have it. It was this lip butter, an Origins mask and a little spatula for the butter. I bought it and have fallen head over heels this product. It is thick like butter and has a similar consistency, but applies to your lips so smooth. It sinks into your skin, delivering deep hydration and lasts for hours. It really feels like it quenches the thirst my lips crave when they're really dry, and I haven't had any weird reactions to it either. It is a new holy grail for me!

Summer Fridays CC Me Serum

Years ago, I raved about this Summer Fridays Vitamin C serum and then once I finished it, I tried other things but I always knew that I would come back to it. I finally did and have not looked back; I don't know if I'll ever use another Vitamin C serum ever again because this one works so well. It sinks in my skin immediately and delivers a touch of hydration to allow my skin to not feel tight and dry. It works incredibly well under makeup and makes for a beautiful base, and most importantly, it really works. I notice a significant difference in my dark spots and discoloration when I consistently use this - more so than any other serum I've tried and I just can't get enough. 

Beige Chanel Bag

I have no idea what the name of this bag is but I've had it for over 8 months and fall more and more in love with it whenever I use it. It's the Chanel bag I always envisioned myself having because of the gorgeous lambskin leather, beige and black color blocking, and the CC clasp. It's not a classic Chanel and was a seasonal pick back in 2014-2015 but my goodness, it makes my heart sing. I've been trying to get better about using my Chanel bags on casual occasions versus only wearing them when I have somewhere nice to go. I used this a lot in the month of March and it was just a really nice treat. It doesn't fit a ton, quite deceiving in size but it looks nice with everything and elevates any outfit. 

Migrastil Migraine Stick

I've had this Migrastil Migraine Stick in my arsenal for years and have never mentioned it. I got it in PR a few years back and honestly, I usually forget I have it. That is until this year when I've been using it more and more. My migraines have gotten a lot better versus where I was before and during the pandemic, but whenever I get a particularly bad headache that just won't quit, I rub this on the area and the headache is gone pretty instantly. It has a menthol, minty feeling that numbs the area so you no longer feel the pain. It's magical and I now no longer leave the house without it.

What did you love this month?
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