Gird your loins everyone... I have about 5 new Olive & June polishes to test out so there's going to be a lot of manicure Monday posts coming up. Hopefully you like reading them as much as I like writing them.

This week it's all about shades of purple! I've been wanting this shade of polish for over a year, when it was released in 2021 but something always stopped me from purchasing it.

Well, not anymore because it's in my possession and on my nails! I recently placed an Olive & June order to restock my favorite nail polish removers and decided to add a few nail colors to my order, including Velvet Pouf.

This gorgeous, dark shade was released in the fall 2021 collection and it's described as a 'dark, luxurious velvet purple' and I couldn't agree more. It is just as beautiful on the nails as it is in the bottle; there are stunning little flecks of holographic glitter so it adds a ton of dimension. 

Velvet Pouf is no ordinary purple polish - it feels more sophisticated and luxurious than a regular old plum shade. It almost has a touch of navy blue, or some other dark shade to make it more than purple. It's very interesting and I love it.

The formula is your regular old Olive & June - applied beautifully with no patchiness and it didn't bleed onto my cuticles and nail beds, which is rare for a dark polish. I find dark polishes to be really difficult to work with but not with Olive & June shades; they aren't too clumpy or watery, and they don't shift all over the nails. They're just as good as their light colored counterparts.

The one issue I had with Velvet Pouf is that it did come off my nails pretty instantly. It chipped after one day which is unusual for my Olive & June polishes. I'm wondering if it had to do with my nails because they're not in the best shape and I don't think I used the best base coat so I'll need to try again.

I didn't mind though because I still loved the color and truthfully, I change my manicure so frequently that I don't care about chipping too much anymore, but this was a noticeable difference.

I can't wait to see what Olive & June manicure I come up with this week - stay tuned!


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