It's been a minute since my last Current Obsessions post so I figured we should kick the new year off with one. I've been on a 'strict' no buy the past month or so which I'll talk about in another post but I've been limiting my purchases and it feels really good.

That being said, I've been shopping my stash and trying to use the items I have in my many collections of 'stuff'. I've rediscovered some favorites and have just been enjoying all these items... probably enjoying them a little too much as they are obsessions and I can't seem to get enough.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balms

I have so many Fresh Sugar Lip Balms and they sit there unused and untouched, mostly because I can't take them out of my house during the warm months because they melt immediately. However, I've been using them nonstop, especially the Cocoa shade because they're super moisturizing, look so pretty on the lips because they add the perfect amount of color and are just so satisfying to put on.

I use the clear one as a pre-lipstick mask as I'm applying my makeup and it's the perfect base. In addition to the Cocoa shade, I love the shade Honey because it's a touch lighter and looks better with no makeup on. If you haven't tried these yet, you need to. They're some of the best lip products I own.

Vanilla Aesthetic

This is so random but I had to include it because it's taking up so much space in my brain. I always develop a strong obsession with all the different aesthetics that take over TikTok and this one is no different. The 'vanilla aesthetic' is not something I am typically drawn too because truthfully, I don't like vanilla but in this instance, it's just another term for bland and basic, but in a good way. The vanilla aesthetic is all about neutrals, cozy materials, no makeup makeup, sleek hairstyles and just being clean and tidy. It feels very wintery but also very comforting and I love looking at the mood boards on Pinterest and TikTok centered around it.

Simple Modern Cups

I've been using Simple Modern tumblers for a year but my love for them are still going strong. While everyone is obsessing over the Stanley cup, I'm fawning over a sleeker, cheaper and nicer version. There are so many sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from plus they keep your drink hot or cold for literal days. I didn't realize that Simple Modern released seasonal collections and I bought one that was winter themed before Christmas and the Valentine's Day one is too cute for words. I also would really like the mug for coffee, even though I do not need it. 

They're just the best cups on the market. 

Apple Macbook Air in Midnight

I kept seeing the new Macbook Air in Midnight all over social media and I felt like I needed it. I was due for a new computer for a few reasons, and I knew I wanted a dark color. I've always loved rose gold and pink but lately, I've been more in a neutral and dark phase. I want a dark aesthetic and the Midnight Macbook is perfect for that. I cannot stop using it, obsessing over it, staring at it longingly - it's insanely thin, very square with sharp edges and has a bigger screen. I'll do a full review of the laptop soon but I had to include it because it has been my number one obsession for a month. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

This is an oldie but goodie and I've rediscovered a new way to use it. While most people use this as an all over glow underneath foundation or as a liquid highlighter, I've been using it as a foundation. Yes, you read that

This gives no coverage so by no means is it a foundation but when my skin is clear of acne, I don't need any coverage. I have pretty calm skin aside from dry patches so sometimes when I want something light and don't feel like doing a full face of makeup I like to throw this on and blend it in with a brush. It's so seamless, so beautiful on the skin and it provides a nice glowy base for a touch more makeup on top. I might try to do a TikTok video on it because it is my new favorite makeup hack.

What are your current obsessions?

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