I do not ski. I haven't been skiing since I was 11 years old and it didn't go over well. I'm not good on my feet unless I'm ballet dancing *yes, I was a ballet dancer for like 15 years and was really good* but skiing was never my thing.

However, I love the vibes of skiing. I love a ski lodge, a cool outfit, a warm fire... I love the idea of being in the mountains, surrounded by calmness and snow. I don't want to ski but I want to live like someone who goes skiing often, in Aspen, preferably.

It's a weird obsession of mine over the past few years, this Après ski lifestyle that I chase but it came to full effect this year when Stoney Clover Lane released their Après ski collection. I bought way too much but I love how everything turned out. 

That is really what inspired this post, and the fact that I do have too many Après Ski-themed things for someone who doesn't ski at all.

I've included some of my favorites to shop for below but also scoured the internet for the best and coolest Après ski items! 

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