I have too many lipsticks for someone who only wears a handful. My go-to brands for the past year have been Charlotte Tilbury and Pat McGrath, specifically the Bridgeton Collection. It's rare that I reach for anything else in my collection, until now. 

The Too Faced Cocoa Bold Cream Lipsticks were listed as 'coming soon' on all retailers for weeks and when they finally were available, I ordered two shades. I had no idea how they were going to look, feel or apply but I had extremely high hopes. 

I was correct.

Before this order, I hadn't been experimenting much with Too Faced because I hadn't seen anything that caught my eye. I love the chocolate line so having these lipsticks be in that category, I was hopeful I'd love them.

The Formula

The finish of the Cocoa Bold Cream Lipsticks are satin so they're the perfect mix of matte and cream. Too Faced describes them as 'medium-to-full coverage' which is an odd why to describe a lipstick but I understand what they were getting at. The color payoff is there with one swipe but if you want something more bold, (hence the name) you can apply more and build up the color. It's very interesting but makes sense.

The formula of the lipsticks are wonderful. They're smooth, buttery soft, and last on the lips for a decent amount of time. I am constantly applying and reapplying these lipsticks because they're actually *fun* to put on. They glide seamlessly onto the lips and just feel really comfortable. They definitely don't dry my lips out and wearing them is a joy.

Because the lipsticks are part of the Too Faced Chocolate Line, they do have a slight chocolate scent similar to the eyeshadow palettes but it's nothing too overpowering or lingers on the lips.

The Bullet

Lipstick bullets have come a long way because now they come in all different shapes and sizes. This one is slightly heart shaped and comes to more of a point than others in my collection. It also seems that the bullets will keep their shape as you use them because I haven't noticed anything different. 

The Packaging

I would be lying if I said the packaging wasn't part of the reason I needed these lipsticks. They're cased in a brown, metallic square package with big, bolded letters along the side and just look so sleek. They have a magnetic closure which is always fun and a major plus.

The Shades

The Cocoa Bold Cream Lipsticks are different shades of nude, from light to dark, and are meant to suit all skin tones. The undertones are all different so you can find your perfect shade of nude, or try something outside your comfort zone.

The two shades I purchased were Hot Chocolate and Triple Fudge. I've been wanting to experiment with darker lipsticks (honestly, I'm always trying to experiment with darker colors) so that's why I picked up Triple Fudge. I've applied this shade once and haven't worn it out yet but Hot Chocolate is one of my most worn colors in my collection.

It's described as a mid-tone nude which makes it the perfect everyday, every occasion color. I've worn it to dinner, to funerals, to work, and just to run errands. It's the type of nude that doesn't wash me out or make me look like I have concealer on my lips. That touch of pink infused into the color really makes a difference.

I'd love to try the shades Chocolate Chip (a mocha nude) and Ganache (a rosy terracotta nude) because I think they'd fit in perfectly with my everyday shades.

All in all, I really love these lipsticks and cannot recommend them enough. The price is fine, $28, but Too Faced is always having sales so you could probably get it cheaper. They're so soft, last pretty long, and while there are only a few shades, I think everyone could find something they love.

What lipsticks have you loved lately?
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