I'm at the point in my nail polish journey where I am ready to throw out every brand aside from Olive & June. Case in point, I tried painting my nails a few weeks ago with a navy blue polish from OPI and immediately removed it from my nails. It was gloopy, too thick, and sat on my nails so weird. It was messy and dissatisfying. 

Thankfully, I had another navy polish that was dying to be used and that is "Make a Res" from Olive & June's winter 2022 collection. It is a very simple, straight forward color of deep, navy blue with almost a green/teal shift when you're in a particular light. It screams cozy, moody, midnight winter and I love it. 

It's definitely not a Christmas color, though I think you could make it one with maybe some snowflakes or fun Olive & June stickers but I was craving something deep and dark.

As I usually do, I used my Essie Hard to Resist Nail Strengthener as a base coat and applied two coats of Make a Res. With one coat the polish is not as opaque as you would want which makes sense because dark polishes are never super dark on the first try. However, with another coat and then sealing it with the Essie Gel Couture, I got a picture perfect, midnight colored manicure.

This dark polish was so much smoother than the OPI one; it applied smoothly without any bleeding onto the nail beds, it didn't gloop around the edges nor did form into globs when the second coat was applied. 

Dark nail polishes are so difficult to get right and it can be frustrating to find one that works for you and your nail polish application method but Olive & June never disappoints. 

I have a lot of light colored and neutral polishes from Olive & June but not enough darker ones so that's definitely on my wishlist.

What is on your nails today?

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