We are just days away from a new year and I'm feeling so many things. 2022 was good and bad; I had a lot of fun, went to a lot of weddings, got a new job, traveled, bettered my mental health and did a lot in between.

However, it was also really bad; I started the year getting Covid, a few family members passed away, including my grandfather, I got my wisdom teeth removed and was in a world of pain for a few weeks, I got sick once a month, I was dealing with changes to my mood and body, I dealt with chronic back pain throughout the summer, and just felt lost in different areas of my life.

I'm hoping that 2023 is a turning point, for everyone. The pandemic is behind us, I feel a little more secure in where I want to go, in what my next move is. I'm looking forward to 2023 and I hope that didn't just jinx me... 

The final part of the wrap up is reserved for my favorite random items of the year. They're basically everything that isn't beauty that I loved and used the most; items, brands or apps that stood out to me, that I loved and made my life easier.

Let's get into it!

Stoney Clover High Tea Collection

We started 2022 off strong with my favorite Stoney Clover Lane collection to date. The High Tea Collection spoke to my soul in so many ways; it was a mix of LoveShackFancy meets Bridgeton meets grandmillennial style. The pinks, the blues, the prints and incredible range of products that Kendall and Libby put out were outstanding. I bought almost every type of product aside from a duffle or tote in the collection, and in the end, I decided that Earl Gray, the darker blue, was my favorite print. It made me so happy and brought me so much joy this year, I can't imagine loving another collection the way I loved this one.

Hotel Lobby Candle

This was the year I realized that I needed to invest in my candles. Bath and Body Works, along with cheaper brands, started to cause me migraines and I felt myself not being able to breath when they were lit in my house. I've been using Evil Queen candles, a natural soy-wax brand, for years and knew that when I paid attention to what was in my candles I was not bothered by them. However, I wanted something a little more luxurious because that's just how I am. Enter Hotel Lobby Candles. I've followed the brand for years and made my first purchase at the end of 2021 but in 2022, I really committed to the brand.

I tried so many different scents and I love them all, though I loved Spa and Paris the most (I think). The candles give such a specific aesthetic and make me feel so fancy, plus they're well made and I admire the work ethic of the founders.

 The brand realized how much I loved them this year and invited me to be one of their first 'influencers' so I'm excited to be working with them in 2023!

Simple Modern Tumbler

I've mentioned this product multiple times over the past 12 months but I needed to include it here again. The Simple Modern Tumblers (and other products) are the best reusable cups you can use. They are sleek, fit into every type of cup holder, have a straw, don't spill out, come in multiple sizes, shapes and colors, and they keep your drink cold or hot for days. I mean that literally; I've kept my cup in the car in 100 degree weather, overnight and there is still ice in it the next day. It's some sort of magic that kind of freaks me out. 

Prada Galleria Small Handbag

The Prada Galleria was a bag that I had wanted for years and in March, I treated myself to it. I used it so much - more than I ever thought I would, and it is hands down top 3 favorite bag in my collection. It fits so much, is perfect for everyday or can be dressed up; I love that it has a shoulder strap or you can carry it top handle. It's classic, sleek, and stunning. I love the shape so much because it's so practical yet striking. I really want another one, in soft leather and in a larger size because it's such a look.


I discovered Notion at the end of 2021 and the way I utilized it in 2022 changed my entire life. I am addicted to Notion, to planning my life and organizing everything under the sun. There are so many templates on Etsy to make organizing and planning easier, and gives you the chance to discover new ways to use the program. I cannot get enough of it and I know that I'm only going to use it more efficiently in the new year. 

What were your favorite items of the year?
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