It was early December when I started seeing tons of TikTok videos of the 'that girl' aesthetic and aside from being shot in moody lighting, they had one thing in common: they were using a really beautiful, interesting app to organize lists, thoughts and more. I had never seen or heard of the app Notion but instantly, I was hooked.

I have been consistently using Notion to organize my life since that faithful December day and I simply cannot get enough. It is a game-changer, it makes things so much easier, more organized, and is honestly just a lot of fun to use.

I was never able to get into digital planning because my handwriting is terrible enough on actual paper, I don't need to see it electronically too... but, I was getting a little tired of making lists in a random notes app or always having to use regular notebooks. I wanted something a little more convenient, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

Enter Notion.

I don't know where the website/app came from but all I know is that it's incredible and whoever created it is a genius. 

Basically, you can make all these different pages within your own Notion (you can have multiple notions under one account) Those pages can be for different things and even have more pages inside; the pages also have different layouts so you can have a gallery, to-do list, calendars, tables, etc. The possibilities are really endless and the website is completely customizable.

For me, I have a lot of different pages: 

  • The blog
  • Wishlist
  • Reading list with all my arcs
  • A task list
  • A mood tracker
  • Goals
  • Routines
I love the '2022 Planner' page I set up because it's nice to be able to write all the things I want to accomplish this year and all important dates. Then, I break it down by month and plan a nice overview of what's coming up. 

The notion is like having multiple planners in one but it's super easy to access, use, and customize. The entire app is based on dragging and dropping so you can accomplish things fast, check items off a list and use it to your heart's desire.

Aside from planning, I like to use Notion for all of my list-making because it enables me to use photos and links. You can also create multiple pages within another page (sounds confusing, I know) to make things extra organized. I've been using Notion a lot to plan and pack for my upcoming Nashville trip. 

It's really nice to have everything in one place/dashboard versus multiple Google sheets or docs. The website in itself is built for organizing your entire life. 

Notion keeps me on track, helps me be super organized, and keeps all my thoughts in one place. It almost keeps me too organized but I don't mind. You can use Notion on the desktop (my preferred way to use it) or as an iPhone or iPad app and it syncs across devices so everything is always updated. 

As your resident 'that girl' and obsessively organized person, I cannot recommend trying Notion enough. The possibilities are truly endless with this website; you can use it for work, no matter which profession you're in, your side hustle, or really just your daily life. It's utter perfection.

Have you used Notion? What are your thoughts?

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