Finding the right razors and shaving products has always been difficult for me. They either burned and irritated my skin, were too cheap and didn't work, or cost an arm and a leg. Then, there's the hassle of physically going to the store and buying a razor; they're always locked up and you need to ask a worker to get it for you and it turns into a debacle. 

When shaving subscription services first came on the scene a few years ago, I was intrigued. It felt like this was the solution to all my problems. Then, when Billie was introduced and it was a razor made specifically for women but didn't cost a crazy amount, I jumped at purchasing a subscription. 

Flamingo on the left
Billie on the right

Billie Razors

I fell in love with the razor and the entire set up of the subscription model. The blades were inexpensive and delivered to your door as frequently as you needed them to be. The razor was pretty, came with a travel case and when you needed a replacement, it was as easy as adding it to your box for the following month.

I used Billie razors for a solid two years and had no problem with them. I only replaced the handle once or twice, didn't need to use shaving cream and was really happy with how smooth my skin was left after shaving.

I convinced my mom and sister to subscribe as well... that's how much I liked them. It's a no fuss razor, you can add accessories (like travel cases and shaving cream) to your monthly box and it got the job done. 

Then, something changed. I would say it was about a year ago that I started noticing the razors didn't feel the same. They didn't feel as sharp or like they were getting every bit of hair; I also noticed that whenever I shaved, my skin became incredibly hot, dry and itchy. 

The quality of Billie razors seemed to decline over time and I was less than impressed. I was at a loss though, what would I do now?

Enter Flamingo.

Flamingo Razors

At some point during the time of using Billie razors I had also bought a one time subscription to Flamingo razors. I was intrigued by the similarities but ultimately, after one use, decided that I didn't like Flamingo and much preferred Billie.

However, when Billie was no longer serving me I considered trying Flamingo again. I was about to subscribe when I realized I still had the razors and blades from my first try. I started using them and was hooked. I wondered why I didn't like them previously. 

Flamingo razors are sharp, sturdy and much better made than Billie. The base is metal as are the blades, but there is a flexible flare to the head so you get a much closer shave. You need to use some type of cream or oil with these razors because of how sharp they are and if not, you'll get a wicked burn. 

I find I don't have to shave as often with these razors nor do my legs get itchy or uncomfortable the way they did with Billie. There is one catch... the starter set for Flamingo is $14 while Billie is $10 but I think the $4 difference is well worth it; it's a better quality razor so you get what you pay for.

The Verdict

For the past few months, I've made the complete and full change to Flamingo Razors and I haven't looked back. Right now, I feel like Flamingo razors are much better than Billie. You get a closer shave, the razors and handle are higher quality and I find the blades last longer, so even though you're paying more, you might not need to change the blades as frequently. 

Perhaps my shaving needs changed and I just grew out of Billie but I think there has been talk that something within the company did in fact change so it's not a surprise that the quality has been affected. 

Either way, I'll be sticking with Flamingo for the time being. 

Have you tried a razor subscription? What is your opinion? 
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