September was a rather slow month, in my opinion, and I'm quite happy about that. I want to savor every moment of the fall season and the slower time moves, the better. It really feels like fall right now in New York and I'm thrilled about that. I don't know if we're having a fake fall but if we are, I will take it. 

I would usually try to recap a bit of the month that just passed but I can hardly remember anything that happened. I had another wedding, which was so fun, a Baptism, which was also really fun and had a solid, busy month at work. 

I think I also came to a lot of conclusions and comforts about how I want my life to move forward but I also realize I say that a lot. I realized this month that I say a lot of things and talk about outcomes without every actioning anything. I need to be better about that and I'm trying, really hard. We'll see how that pans out.

As we look toward October, the fun is only just beginning. October is my favorite month of the entire year and this year it's special. I'm hosting a Halloween party for my girlfriends this weekend, seeing Funny Girl on Broadway with my mom next weekend, a wedding in mid-October and then headed down to Disney World with my best friends to celebrate our birthday (a month early!). I cannot wait, it almost doesn't feel real.

I know I keep saying that in every blog post but I'm really so excited.

Enough babbling, let's get into my favorites of the month.

Love Wellness Vitamin Organizer

Is this a weird favorite? I feel like it's a little off but I've used this every day for a few weeks and I'm obsessed. I started religiously taking my vitamins and supplements daily, and mix that with my anxiety and allergy meds and it was a lot to keep track of. I decided to buy the Love Wellness pill organizer (because why would I get a boring one from an unknown brand? This is so handy!! If you don't have a vitamin organizer and want to have all your pills in one place, and make it really easy to remember to take them on a daily basis, you need this.

I love that it's purple, I love that it has spots for day and night pills, and I love that it's compact enough to not take up a lot of space on my desk. I fill it up on a Sunday morning and I'm all set for the week. It's fantastic. 

Laura Geller Timeless Cream Foundation

If you've been here for a while you know that I worked for the Laura Geller brand for 4 years. It was my first big girl, full time job and I was the social media manager. It taught me so much about beauty, business and the social media industry. I still love the products the brand puts out and I like to support them when I can. I purchased this cream foundation a while back and I forgot I had it until this month. I love the idea of a compact foundation that you can just swirl your brush into and apply to your face - it's not messy, evens out your skin and gives a nice amount of coverage. 

I started using this as a light coverage foundation on my no makeup makeup days and as my work foundation since it's very easy to apply and get ready in a pinch. It is weightless on the skin, plays well with other makeup and is just so easy to apply. I think this is a foundation a lot of different skin types can use - I have dry skin and it doesn't further dry me out but I also think oily skin can use it because it's not luminous. 

If you need a new foundation for the fall, I recommend picking up the Timeless Cream Foundation from Laura Geller.

Cetaphil Facial Cleanser

Over the summer I was dealing with the worst eczema on my eyelids. My eyes were always swollen, crusty, puffy, and in bad shape. It happened to me last summer and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, and then I remembered that my dermatologist told me to only use Cetaphil face wash and would you look at that, after two days of only using this cleanser my eyes were cleared up. The beauty junkie in me always wants to try new and exciting skincare products but sometimes I need to just stick to what works for me and my dry complexion.

Paycheck Budget Tracker

This is a random one but in an effort to try to get better with my finances I have been trying multiple different platforms and layouts for tracking and budgeting. I've used the apps, used different Excels, Notion templates, and Google Docs but nothing was sticking. Then, I saw something come across my Etsy page and that was the Paycheck Budget Tracker...a tracker that is not for the entire month but for the length of your paycheck. You could probably make it a month-long tracker but I don't use it that way.

Like most people, I'm living paycheck to paycheck and it's easier for me to see my money and bills laid out that way. This Google Doc that cost less than $5 has already helped me so much this month.  I have ti bookmarked on my browser and added in my expenses daily, and the doc does the work for me. It's so cool and easy. This Etsy shop has a lot of other templates that seem really useful and cool so definitely check them out!

What did you love in the month of September? 
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