I have a very odd obsession with croissants. I don't know where or when it started but they are my favorite pastries and I think they are the cutest little things in the world. I love that they represent chic, Parisian culture, and my goal in life is to eat a croissant in Paris.  

Fashion and accessory brands have been feeding my obsession for years. Over time, different brands have released croissant-inspired products from earrings and necklaces to phone cases. I've collected my fair share over the years but now, the ultimate collection has landed in my lap and I'm over the moon.

For years, I've wished for Kate Spade to release their own croissant collection and the moment has arrived. When I logged onto the new arrivals page yesterday morning I was delighted to see an entire Patisserie collection, including so many gorgeous croissant pieces. 

It was like I designed the collection myself and I immediately added everything to my cart. Let's take a look at what Kate Spade released... 

I placed one order this morning and picked up only two things (below) but am hoping to go back for more soon! 

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