This was one of the longest weeks of my life and I'm glad it's over. I was under the weather, dealing with my poor mental health, and worked my butt off. I want to relax, unwind and not think about anything of substance for a few days. 

I've had a busy social schedule for the entire summer and it's finally winding down which I'm really looking forward to. Next week is August which means it's almost September which means it's almost the unofficial start of fall. And this fall will be a good one...or so I hope.

Let me not start waxing poetic about the start of fall the way I do every week so we'll dive right into the roundup.

Pink Positivity of the Week

I have to say that a positive of the week is that I worked my butt off and really kept my cool. I'm getting the hang of my job and starting to feel more comfortable in my position. Starting a new job really messes with your mind because you know what you're doing but at the same time you don't and it brings on a lot of imposter syndrome. Feeling at home in a company and job is really all I could ask for and this week solidified that.

Links I Loved

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What I Bought This Week 

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